OLED Objects

Flying Future 

Double T Future & Double C Future

Whisper Wind

From 2007 on I´ve been supervising the technical development of all new OLED lights by Ingo Maurer and followed their design process substantially.

I had the chance to realize two new generations of  "flying future" and built many more sophisticated OLED objects, most of them one-offs or limited editions.

  • Flying Future G2, 2006, with OLEDs by OSRAM OPTO SEMICONDUCTORS
  • Flying Future G3, 2010, with transparent OLEDs by NOVALED
  • Double Future, 2010, with the ORBEOS Modules by OSRAM OPTO SEMICONDUCTORS
  • 4x4 = 34, 2010, with transparent OLEDs by NOVALED
  • Whisper Wind, 2014, using flexible OLEDs by KONICA MINOLTA
  • OLED One, 2014, the first serial product with OLEDs by LG CHEM
  • OLED Two, 2014, the big brother of OLED one with the (currently) world biggest OLED module (30x30cm) by LG CHEM.