craft breathes a soul into every object

My design approach is very experimental. Creativity often unfolds in the workshop, as this is the best place to explore new materials and experience unexpected lighting effects.

Especially natural and handmade materials show irregularities and a unique texture and patina.
This imperfection makes the object special and valuable. The simplicity and reduction to essentials make the difference to the infinitely reproducible high-gloss-aesthtetics.

A close and personal collaboration with manufacturers makes it possible to push the boundaries of traditional craftsmanship and conventional production processes.


The soul of  design


A spirit is breathed into every object that someone passionately dedicates to in the manufacturing process. Especially in traditional handicrafts, in addition to manual skills, devotion and concentration are noticeable in the result. The user feels a connection, the object grows dear to him.


Series products and limited editions



Custom made one-offs and installations