Fascination Light

Light is - first of all - moods and emotion. Sunsets or storms with lightning. A sky full of stars.
Streetlights in fog or strobe lights in a disco.

In an increasingly fast-paced world, pausing is a blessing.
If the effect of an object briefly pulls you out of your hectic,
makes you observe attentively, puts a smile on your face,
arouses curiosity, astonishes you, then the designer has done a good job.

In addition to functionality and form, it is therefore particularly important to add a soul to everyday objects.
In a materialistic world full of mass-produced goods we can do this by choosing high quality and sustainable materials, arts and craft that are created on the balance between man and nature.
When we maintain an act of balance between the spirit and the material world the goods become more precious, initiate a bond with the user. People fall in love and take more care of them.

My Motivation

I´m driven by the passion to create poetry, encouraged by extraordinary materials and innovative technologies.


Due to their immateriality, light and shadow are the most magical materials to work with.



Technology is a hidden tool to
evoke magic


I use new technologies as a means to an end. They remain hidden in the background but are often the inspiration for new designs and the magic trick behind the marvel. Coupled with the uniqueness of traditional production methods, a magic can be breathed into the object.


Series products and limited editions



Custome made one-offs and Installations.