LACRIME DEL PESCATORE is a crystal chandelier based on a longstanding idea of Ingo Maurer.
Development for Ingo Maurer GmbH.

Design: Ingo Maurer 2009.

Zero Gravity


Ingo Maurer once observed fishermen taking their nets out of the water.
With thousands of droplets reflecting the sunlight.

The material is reduced to the essential, no ornaments, no gravity. The nets are lit by an external light source,  independent from the weightless installation of glass drops.




A modern Interpretation of a crystal chandelier full of sparkling droplets


The nets of LACRIME DEL PESCATORE can be combined and arranged in many ways and perfectly installed in rooms of any size.
The incidence of sunlight or dimmed artificial light create quite different effects. If the nets move, the countless crystals begin to sparkle and glitter.


In charge of Installations in
Frankfurt, Milan, Zurich, St. Tropez, Tel Aviv, New Delhi, New York, Vancouver and Dubai.



Interplay of light & shadow

The nets are lit from an external light source with a narrow beam angle that shoots directly into the cloud of crystals. The results in an exciting light effect of sparkling reflections and a shadow play on the wall.

Materials: Nylon nets, crystals,
stainless steal, aluminum.
Measurements: 200x200cm