BRICK is a multifunctional pendant light developed in collaboration with the Ingo Maurer Team.
Design for Ingo Maurer GmbH 2013.

modular system


A linear multi-functional and multi-purpose lighting system.

BRICK is a modular system of light bars that can be assembled by simple connectors and combined in a variety of ways.
The linearly arranged elements lie free and rotatable in rings.
They can be turned 360° to each other and can thus be used as downlight, uplight or wallwasher. One to three elements can be used as luminaire.




you are turning me
inside out
around and round."


Linear light

Brick comes in sections, each one of which can be rotated separately.


Customized combinations

The fins in multiple colors can be individually combined with different anodised aluminum housings. The character of the luminaire can thus be adapted to your own wishes. From discreet and reduced to flashy and colorful.


bright Light


Down and/or uplight with luminous fins. The light is continuosly dimmable via touch dimmer with memo function.

Anodised aluminum, powder coated fins, plastic.
Brick Base can be used single or in addition with
up to two Brick Plus elements.
Elements in black, blue or aluminum.
Diffusor in fluorescent yellow, red or silver.
Combine elements and diffusor as you wish!
2700K, 3x 1500 lumen, CRI 92.