CANDLELIGHT is a classic candle holder that seems to float weightlessly. A soft spotlight shines downwards and magically illuminates the table.

Design for KAIA Ltd, 2022



The soulful light of the candle flame has always held a magic that has fascinated people. 
Especially in today's time, which is characterized by speed and hectic, the warm, muted candlelight has a soothing effect that makes you come to rest.

The light of a candle bathes the surroundings in warm light and creates a pleasant privacy in its modest intensity.
Its flame however doesn´t emit enough light to sufficiently illuminate a finely set table.

The inspiration for the CandleLight came from the idea of complementing the poetic light of a real candle with the glow of an additional, hidden light source.



My Motivation

The candlelight dinner is considered the festive-romantic get-together par excellence



The reduced shape of a classic candle holder. Floating.
Old patina on the outside. A hight tech torch on the inside. Suspendet by two invisible wires. No cable.



Candlelight is manufactured by small, family-run businesses with an artisan approach that can be seen as antithesis to mass production.

Made of brass the housing is soldered manually, several surface treatments are available:
Brushed & aged brass, painted matt white or matt black.

The real candle can be exchanged by a glass candle. A glass rod transmits the light as with fiber optics.


Light Guide


The flickering candlelight bathes the surroundings in warm light.
An additional spotlight - invisibly hidden -  illuminates the table.  
Via gesture control, the brightness of the downlight can be adjusted continuously and changes the light color when dimming down.

materials: brass, aluminium, wax, glass
output power: 10W
max suspension 250cm

dimming via gesture control
dim to warm 3000-1800K