Delirium Yum

Created in partnership with Ingo Maurer GmbH DELIRIUM YUM is a decorative table lamp that plays with the swirling of water and the resulting light effects.

Design: Sebastian Hepting & Ingo Maurer 2006



Delirium Yum is the small brother of the 4m water column for the Kruisheren Hotel in Maastricht.

A transparent glass vase.
Inside, the water is set in motion, an air vortex appears and snakes downwards to the bottom. Sometimes it bursts into an explosion of countless air bubbles. A white ball is dancing up and down.


WATER & Light

My Motivation

A faszinating Lighting Object for private residences that has a mesmerizing and soothing effect.


Reflections on the wall

The water swirl and the glittering particles reflect the light and cast a soft glow on the wall via a mirror.

magnetic game

Proven technology.

A magnetic steerer - hidden in the base -
drives a stirring rod on the bottom of the glass vase and sets the liquid in motion.
Contactless and completely silent.




An invisible spot in the base shoots into the vase from below and highlights the swirls and the white ball magically.

materials: Corian, crystal glass, aluminum mirror.
Diametre of the vase 20cm, height 50cm.
Light and movement of water adjustable.