FLOW is a pendant lamp made of Glas and Light.
The Luminaire is a limited edition for Green Line Design, Regensburg, designed in 2022.



Reflection on water. FLOW catches the moment of the sun`s rays reflected on a lake. The interplay of wind, waves and light. Constantly changing and mesmerizing.

FLOW is transparent. And full of mysteries.
Still waters run deep.



smooth transition

The deformation of the glass occurs in a fluid process of heat, gravity, ROTATION and the  movement of the FLAME.


All in Flow

The mood and behaviour of the glassblower at the moment of processing has a significant influence on the deformation. Everything is in Flow. The result is a unique piece that is connected with the current situation and tells its own story.

The glassblower becomes one with the material during manufacturing. Years of experience, a tremendous knowledge for the material and a deep feeling for the process lead to a unique transparent sculpture.




FLOW combines warm ambient light with a direct illumination of the table. Two hidden light sources work as up & downlight and can be dimmed separately.

materials: Borosilicate glas, aluminium
measurements: ø120mm, 1250mm long
power:  60W
max. suspension:  250cm