POLA P. & POLA T. are efficient office luminaires, pendant and table version, designed as part of the lighting concept for Polarstern Energie in 2019.

light engine


A powerful headlight consisting of LED, reflector and heat sink can be used both as a pendant and as a table lamp.

The design approach of POLA is experimental and playful.
The fin heat sink is the driving force both in terms of design and lighting technology.

The soft, colored textile cables contrast sharply with the rigid structure of laser-cut steel sheets.

A wide range of cable colors and powder coatings allows to customize the appearance of the luminaire to the personal needs. Each object becomes its unique identity.


color dots


A colored spotlight shining upwards accentuates the ceiling and divides the rooms into different zones.



The draft of POLA is mechanical and functional. Born in the workshop, simple to implement, straightforward, no frills.


An analog luminaire with a handcrafted character and attention to details. All mechanisms are comprehensible, nothing is hidden. Only the inductive charging pad in the base gives the table lamp a bit of high tech.




The design of POLA is focused on the quality of light. An efficient LED-spot with defined beam angle, excellent color rendering, dimmable and adjustable in the direction of light.

An induction pad in the base of the table lamp
Pola T. allows to charge mobile phones wirelessly