TUBULAR is a multifunctional glass lamp designed for Ingo Maurer GmbH in 2019.

The open tube of unprocessed borosilicate glass is placed with its open ends softly embedded in loops. Inside, a filigree-looking construction of lamellas reflects light in all directions.

multi reflection

Multi Reflection

countless points of light
- as strung on a pearl necklace -
appear as a mystical reflection inside the glass tube.

The strikingly curved loop of the textile cable provides an exciting contrast to the linear character of the tube. It is a design element, but also a functional one.



embedded in loops

A soft textile cable wraps around the tube, forming the suspension point, but also the PIvot for directing the light.


Tubular Balance

The table version, Tubular Balance, performs an acrobatic balancing act of weightlessness and stability.
The construction seems to defy the laws of physics. The lamp comes through an ingenious system of filigree traction cables without stabilizing structure and seems to float in space.
The soft cable is wrapped around the base of the lamp - like the ship's rope on a bollard.



Customers can choose the color of the textilecable and replace it themselves.




Tubular can be rotated 360 degrees and used as a downlight, uplight or 'wallwasher'. The lightsource is invisibly hidden behind the luminous structure.

materials: borosilicate glass, aluminium.
measurements: ø6cm, lenght 125cm.
power output:  27W
cable lenght 300cm.
suspension max 250cm