The BIOTOP is a giant light and sound installation for a privat house. Development & technical direction for Ingo Maurer GmbH 2010.
Project Team: Matthias Liedtke, Isagani Vengco
Design: Ingo Maurer



The BIOTOP is a gigantic sculpture of natural sponges built for a private chapel to illuminate a table but above all soften the sound.

The structure of the 4m high sculpture is made of a steel frame with 5 removable wooden sections, dividable for transportation reasons. The shape is built up with foam panels & green dyed sponges. All works where accomplished in the in-house workshops.

Inside the sculpture is a hidden sound system that can play music as well as insect noises or birds songs. A light control system performs colorfull light changes emerging from the caves.

On the outside hand-painted insect replicas by Californian artist Graham Owen are swarming around the surface.


artificial fauna


The craziest and most enchanting work
I have ever been involved in.


Green Sponges

Farmed sponges of different shapes where dyed green and sprayed with a specialIy formulated pigment.



In a further development replica of butterflies with adressable LED points on the wings add a constantly changing glow to a BIOTOPE WALL shown in Milan in 2011.


Light & Sound


Changing light and sound. The vibrant sculpture appears to be full of life -inviting the viewer to continuously discover new details.