Dancing Mirrors

DANCING MIRRORS is an expansive kinetic work of art consisting of 24 pendulums of different lengths. Created in close collaboration with Ingo Maurer for Forum Schwanthalerhöhe in Munich.
Project Team: Sebastian Utermöhlen.
Idea & Design for Ingo Maurer GmbH 2018.

EYE catcher


The play with physical laws creates magic moments. Especially movement and reflection have always a fascinating effect.

The harmonious swing of a pendulum around its resting
point is full of fascinating observations:
The acceleration towards the lowest point, the change of direction at the apex where the pendulum seems to stop for a short moment, the transformation of potential energy into kinetic energy.

The pendulum wave is one of those kinetic experiences that have a calming effect on our mood. A quality that leads to the discovery of slowness and relaxation in the hectic hustle and bustle of a shopping mall




“ a work of art for the public space that takes the subject of selfies to a whole new level."



Multiple reflections create enormous depth effects and exciting illusions. Ultimately, the experience of one`s own person arises through the movement and reflection in space.


Play with physical laws

The pendulum series of the installation consists of 24 pendulums of different lengths that complete an ascending number of whole oscillations in a fixed period of time.
The exact length of each pendulum results from a precisely defined formula; the shape of the series of balls thus describes a mathematical curve.


Looking for oneself


A magical phenomenon results from the reflecting surfaces of the pendulums: the mirrored spheres seem to dissolve into their surroundings. The convex mirror summarizes the space in a kind of 360° panorama, in the center of which the viewer is always located. The lighting moods created by skylight and artificial lighting can be experienced again in the individual spheres.

Measurements: 12m high and 17m long.
24 pendulum of different length.
Polished stainless-steel spheres with diameter of 40cm.
The installation is activated mechanically once in an hour, during 60 minutes the pendulum slowly swing out.