DELIRIUM is an installation of water and light, realized in close collaboration with Ingo Maurer for  the Kruisheren Hotel in Maastricht.
Idea & development for Ingo Maurer GmbH 2006



A 15th century church and its courtyard. A quadrangle in the center.
A place to meditate and rest.

DELIRIUM is a transparent column, 4m high and filled with water.
A golden ship propeller on the bottom of the tank is turning with different speeds, creating a fascinating water spiral.
A dancing white ball is part of the installation.


Dynamic silence

My Motivation

Water and Light. Perfect Elements to achieve a peaceful athmosphere.


lose yourself in surprising water formations, amazing effects, breathtaking moods.

Watch the column spin and swirl for a while and you will slowly fall into trance.


Programmed cycle.

The speed of the propeller is changing constantly to make the ball dance and sometimes crush the vortex into thousands of air bubbles.
The finely choreographed performance lasts 20 min. After a full cycle the lights go down and the column comes to a rest for 5min before the spectacle restarts.




Two spotlights shoot alternately from underneath into the tank. Their cones are accentuated by reflective particles.
The lightsources remain invisible.

Plexiglass cylinder,
4,2m high, 1m diameter.
3200 liters of distilled water.
Bronze ship propeller,
3 KW engine.