FLIMSLICHT is an annual light installation and part of the winter illumination for the Swiss mountain village of Flims. The streetlights were developed in close collaboration with Primocollective and Flims Electric AG.

Lighting design & product development for Primocollective 2018.

A Sky full of stars


A waterproof and weather resistant outdoor light that can immerse the place in different moods.

Light never has only a visual effect, but strongly
influences a person’s biology and emotion. Fresh colors
have a stimulating impact whereas warm color tones let
us come to rest.
Depending on the time of day and annual events, the street lighting through the place spreads a different mood.
From bone-chillingly cold to solemnly warm.
On New Year's Eve exploding fireworks.



The Moods

Via radio signal, all starlights along the main road can be automatically changed to the desired mood. At the touch of a button or by timer.



The welded aluminum housing with the translucent hoods and the LED assembling are manufactured in a small workshop in germany.




The illumination of the stars is based on digital LEDs that can be adressed individually and reproduce many millions of differently tuned colors. So finely composed light sequences can be called up for different occasions.