Flying Discs

FLYING DISCS is a light installation in a squash bar in Washington DC. Product development & installation for Ingo Maurer GmbH, 2015. Project Team: Bernhard Dessecker & Friederike Klesper.
Design: Ingo Maurer.

UFO invasion


Three discs of different sizes hover in space like extraterrestrical flying objects.

The static installation conveys a sense of dynamism and speed. The integrated spots look like searchlights of a space shuttle on a landing approach in a galactic space.




Transport and hAndling of these gigantic objects were a considerable part of the challenge.


One Offs

The discs are handmade unique pieces realized in collaboration with skilled scenery builders.
They are built of glass and carbon fibers that meet static requirements for stiffness and stability.



After being transported in an overseas container, the discs were lifted by crane to the correct floor to be installed in their final destination.




Gimbal-mounted downlights are integrated into the flat body. The spots with adjustable beam angles can be precisely aligned to illuminate the bar.
Blue led strips on the back immerse the industrial ceiling in deep blue light.

Materials: Glass fibre, Carbon fibre, Aluminum
Measurements: 325cm/245cm diametre,
thickness 5cm