A series of kinetic Installations.
Product development & installation on several projects for Ingo Maurer GmbH. Project Team: Moritz Behrens, Hagen Szech. Design: Ingo Maurer.

The Orb, Washington, 2016
Flying To Piece, Frankfurt, 2017
Pendulum PIN, Munich, 2018
Pendulum Miami, 2021


Subtile Perception.

Watching a pendulum is one of the kinetic experiences with a positive impact on our well-being thanks to its regular and calming motion.

The pendulum is a physical phenomenon of nature that has provided orientation since the Egyptians, and later the regular swinging was used to measure time.

The harmonic swing of a pendulum around its resting point is full of fascinating observations: The acceleration towards the lowest point, the change of direction at the apex where the pendulum seems to stop for a brief moment, the transformation of potential energy into kinetic energy.




“ a masterpiece by ingo maurer and a remarkable achievement by skilled craftsmen.”



The convex mirror summarizes the surroundings in a kind of 360° panorama and reflects the environment in its actual lighting mood- being natural or artificial , affording us a new spatial experience.



The production of the ellipsoid is a complex process that requires unique metalworking skills: Sheet metal forming, welding, grinding, polishing




Once set in motion the pendulum seems to swing forever.

In some installations, the elipsoid hangs completely still.
Just above the ground. In others, it is pushed manually.
Some installations have been equipped with automatic drives that set the pendulum in motion from time to time. Some even with winches to adjust the height and thus the period of oscillation (wich is determined exclusively by the length of the pendulum and the prevailing acceleration due to gravity).