GALACTIC is a special recessed light that becomes part of the ceiling and merges with the architecture. Development & installation on several projects for Ingo Maurer GmbH.
Design: Ingo Maurer

Spiral, New York, 2012
Spiral, Lima, 2015
Elliptical Spiral, London, 2017
Galactic, Milan, 2018



The spiral is a fascinating mathematical curve that gains complexity as an expansive three-dimensional shape.

In nature, there are numerous examples of logarithmic spirals with various gradients, such as snail shells formed by growth, the formations of low-pressure vortices in the sky, or galaxies in constellations.




when you look up, you get lost in the infinity of a swirl.


Helical stairway winding

Installed in the eye of staircases, the shape of the spiral follows the steps. Clockwise or counterclockwise.


Implememntation of the geometry

The shape of the spiral follows a complex computer model that serves as the basis for the mold. The inherently rigid structure, in which the tip must hang freely in a precisely defined distance, is reinforced by carbon fibers. Invisible LED strips follow the thin line from the outside to the inside.


Light & Shade


The strong contour of light and shadow that creates an indirect glow is complemented by a strong downlight that emerges exactly in the eye of the spiral.