The TUNNEL is a light Installation for the Kruisherenhotel, Maastricht.
Development for Ingo Maurer GmbH
Project Team: Bernhard Dessecker, Friederike Klesper
Design: Ingo Maurer 2006



The entrance to an impressive gothic church that had been desecrated and
transformed into an eye-catching design hotel.

A place where history and design meet.
An ancient monastery turns into a profane luxury hotel.
As the maw of a volcano, the tunnel magically attracts you and greets with a warm glow of light.
Sacrilegious light is embodied by fire and embers


warm welcome

less abbey.more lobby

like the gateway to hell, the glowing light literally draws you inside.


The Moods

The supporting structure of the tunnel is composed of individual segments following the geometry of a computer model. The inner surfaces are covered with copper.


Skilled handicraft

The sheet metal cladding is manually bent and precisely adjusted to the curvature. The skin on the inside is formed from copper sheets that are manually polished to a high gloss.




A line of light in the floor is reflected several times in the mirrored copper. The reddish shimmer of the light captivates visitors.